While the TSJ still exists, Justice Marval is no longer recognized

MIAMI (April 12, 2019). In a letter dated March 21, 2021, the magistrate of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela and current president of the Constitutional Chamber, Miguel Angel Martin, issued a statement saying:

“…Complying with my constitutional and legal duties, I ratify to you a formal statement from the outgoing presidency of the Court, by which the authority of the magistrates Antonio José Marval Jiménez, Pedro José Troconis Da Silva, Cioly Janette Zambrano Alvarez, Domingo Javier Salgado and Ruben Carrillo is no longer recognized, considering that they do not have moral legitimacy and legal legitimacy to exercise, as a consequence of the nugatory actions carried out to materialize a process of in-house elections and the handover of the Court … violating constitutional and legal norms … in accordance with Article 350 of the Venezuelan Constitution.”

While the annulment of their appointments by Marval, Da Silva, Zambrano, Salgado and Carrillo is due to their violation of the constitutional norms under Article 350 of the Constitution, Article 335 grants the exclusive authority to interpret the norms and Constitutional principles, binding for the other bodies of the TSJ, resides solely with the Constitutional Chamber, the same Chamber which finds that the norms of Article 350 were violated by the aforementioned individuals.

In a televised interview with the Venezuelan journalist Nitu on March 25, Martin declared: “From the moment that Parra appeared in the National Assembly, when they were Assemblymen who formed part of the Democratic Unity Roundtable, who then later proceeded to become members of the Jorge Rodríguez’s [so-called] ‘National Assembly’, the same was happening in the Court. At the same time, they were carrying out acts of interference both in the Court and in the National Assembly and we responsibly made a complaint, not only before the country but with the Organization of American States and the National Assembly itself, warning of what was happening. “

This action by the presidency of the Constitutional Chamber has the support of the Citizens Embassy of Venezuela in the United States and the National Liberation Front of Venezuela, which act according to their constitutional duties under Articles 130, 132, 134 and 138 to work as civilians towards the recovery and liberation of Venezuela.

While the block of usurpers led by Marval has tried to stall the TSJ, most of the magistrates, in compliance with their constitutional duty, have succeeded in trying and issuing an arrest warrant against the usurper Nicolás Maduro, authorizing an international armed intervention and humanitarian in Venezuela and, more recently, they defended the sovereignty of Venezuela before the Justice of Cape Verde so that they would extradite the regime’s crony Alex Saab to the United States. These facts show that the majority of the magistrates still act according to their own constitutional duties towards recovering the republic and the kidnapped country.

Justice Miguel Angel Martin interview with Nitu (in Spanish), 25 Mar 2021.

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