Venezuela’s legitimate Supreme Tribunal of Justice already issued resolution against the phony parliamentary elections of Dec. 6

MIAMI (Dec 7, 2020). Yesterday a fraud occurred in Venezuela, perpetrated by the usurper regime of Nicolas Maduro, the United Socialist Party (PSUV), and their Cuban colonial masters. This fraudulent show of an election was merely the regime’s second act to the legislative coup carried out by the chavistas and their collaborators on January 5, 2020.

The legitimate Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela (TSJ) already issued a resolution in August against this fraud which is simply meant to try to legitimize the phony National Assembly under the frontman Luis Parra. The TSJ commented on Twitter:

“[TSJ] RESOLVES, FIRST: To determine the NULLITY of the call for parliamentary elections set for December 6, 2020, specifying that [the farce] arises from a CONTINUED CONSTITUTIONAL FRAUD of the Regime of Nicolas Maduro Moros to execute an ELECTORAL FRAUD TO THE NATION.”

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